Mercury Relays/Contactors

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Mercury relays, also called mercury displacement relays or mercury contactors, are highly durable and resilient high-current switches. They are instrumental in the process heating equipment industry due to their capability in handling high temperatures and dirty, demanding environments.

The Advantages Over Conventional and Solid State Relays

Mercury has good electrical conductivity and adheres to a variety of materials, making it a reliable contact material. A mercury-wetted reed relay consists of mercury contacts held within a hermetically sealed steel, epoxy-encapsulated body. This makes the unit resistant to corrosion, water, dust, breakage and extreme temperatures. The unit’s unique configuration protects the contacts from external arcing.

Mercury relays also promise consistent switching, since there’s only one coil for each set of contacts. They are prized in high-volume assemblies for their unique construction, long life and ability to switch currents silently and frequently, without damaging mechanical devices.

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Gordo Sales, Inc. – Your Source for High-Grade Mercury Relays

We carry mercury relays designed to meet the unique demands of various industries. But before replacing your conventional or solid state relays with mercury units, keep in mind that mercury is banned in some states. Check your state’s regulations before placing an order.

Rest assured we only sell high-grade units that have been manufactured with all the care required to avoid contamination of the switches.

Shop our selection of mercury contactors today. We have relays in all standard coil voltages and pole arrangements. Other coil voltages are available upon request.

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