The Food Industry and Process Heating Equipment, Part 2

In part one of this two-part blog, we went over some of the most common industrial heating processes used in various food establishments. The food and beverage industry is one of the single largest in terms of needs in the process heating systems world, with a variety of temperature controls and heater types required depending on the business type.

At Gordo Sales, Inc., we’re proud to provide this equipment for all food-related businesses. From industrial cartridge heaters to other types of component heaters, temperature and power controls and numerous accessories, we’ve got you covered from top to bottom. Today, we’ll go over some of the most common pieces of equipment that utilize these processes in the food world.

food industry process heating equipment

Dishwasher Heaters

While certain food-related businesses involve relationships directly with the manufacturer, most do not – within restaurants and all other similar establishments, most of the business is being conducted away from the manufacturer. For this reason, many such businesses are using high-quality dishwashers to stick to both safety and cleanliness standards.

Any good commercial dishwasher utilizes at least one element of process heating. Immersion heaters are often used to control the heat of the water, and dishwashers come with numerous different temperature controls depending on the model and use needs.

Defrost Heaters

Another common need across numerous food businesses is freezing products, which helps store and preserve food. Without this process, many of the largest food companies simply could not scale properly.

However, businesses that prioritize food quality have to deal with lowering freshness in frozen products. This process can be counteracted by good defrost heaters, however – items that help revitalize the freshness of food products as they defrost food. These are custom-built industrial process heaters that have a self-regulating cable and a polymer element. They’re used for freezer door gaskets, drain line freeze protection, and various food defrost applications.

Thick Film Heaters

Commonly used for pasteurizing milk or juice beverages, thick film heaters are small and compact. They maintain heat levels during pasteurization, with a fast thermal response and quick heat transfer that’s required. They’re also both durable and simple to maintain.

Immersion Heaters

Water is the bedrock of the food industry, primarily in terms of several important storage and temperature areas. Custom controller immersion heaters are used to control food quality and safety by judging the temperature of a water heater, allowing it to activate or deactivate the heater based on the temperature needs. These devices are used for everything from cleaning and sterilizing to actual production in many cases.

For more on the common areas where process heating equipment is used within the food and beverage world, or to learn about any of our industrial heating systems, speak to the pros at Gordo Sales, Inc. today.