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Process Air Heaters

Process Air Heaters
Installed in forced air ducts, these units supply constant heat for industrial processes requiring air temperatures up to 750°F / 400°C. Construction features include heavy gauge mounting flange, insulated terminal enclosure and easily replaced heating elements. Typical uses include forced air dryers, core drying, heat treating, annealing and other high temperature applications. 

  • Special ratings and/or sizes 
  • Moisture resistant/explosion resistant terminal enclosure 
  • All stainless steel frame construction 
  • Thermowell 
  • Thermocouple welded to sheath for high-limit protection 
  • Solid State controls/control panels

 If you have a question or need help sizing call us, we have been sizing these heaters for over 30 years and can help with any application (801) 544-4236.

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