Solid State Variable Voltage Control

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Variable Voltage Controls

A solid state Variable Voltage Control is a power control mechanism designed for high voltage/current applications. These components allow for silent, arcless switching. They are mostly used to automatically regulate voltages for industrial equipment, control switches that are dependent on external events and simulate power line conditions.

Solid state Variable Voltage Control also ensure a consistent supply of quality power and provide resistive loads, such as electric power heaters, with the optimal operating voltage. As a result, you’ll conserve energy and extend the life of your electronics.

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18TBP/TB (AC to AC)

These are controls designed for resistive loads, such as electric heaters and incandescent lighting. Our 18TBP controls come in portable or mounted units and 2 millisecond fuses that protect the device against short-circuit damage. They also feature an integral heatsink chassis that allows optimal performance in ambient temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius without derating. Additionally, an R-C snubber network protects the device against dv/dt failure.

36TBP (AC to DC)

We provide 36TBP transformers designed to automatically regulate voltages for sensitive electronic applications. These devices provide variable DC output from a single-phase AC input. Unlike EMRs with contacts and brushes, these solid state Variable Voltage Controls use power semiconductors to switch electric power without moving parts. As a result, the device will run smoothly for many years, as long as they are used within the stated ratings for voltage, current and temperature.

Voltage optimization is a critical requirement for the safe operation and optimal performance of your process heating systems. Choosing the wrong device, however, could lead to operational hazards and inefficiencies.

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