Snow Melting Systems

At Gordo Sales, we’re proud to offer multiple high-quality heated driveway snow melt systems to all our clients. Perfect for use on both residential and commercial properties, snow melt systems can be outfitted for any driveway shape or size and bring numerous safety, convenience and even financial benefits.

Whether you want to avoid the hassle of shoveling the driveway after every snowstorm, limit ice and slipping risks on the property or save money on expensive local plowing services, a heated driveway system might be just the thing for you. Call us today to learn more about these systems and how they’ll benefit your property.

Benefits of Snow Melt Systems

As we noted, snow melt driveway systems come with several specific benefits to their buyers. These include:

  • Convenience: A heated driveway allows you to be free of the hassle of regular shoveling, ice melting and other related tasks, including using harmful chemical melting agents for ice.
  • Safety: These systems melt both snow and ice, making the driveway area safe for all.
  • Cost benefits: Not only will a snow melt system save you money on expensive plowing services, it will also extend the lifespan of your driveway by limiting the need for such plowing solutions, which may damage some driveways or lots.
  • Effectiveness: Our systems are not only high-powered, but also outfitted with automatic sensors to detect when snow is falling and turn on immediately.
heated driveway
snow melting system

Heated Driveway Formats

Generally speaking, there are two common formats available for driveway snow melt systems:

  • Mats: Available in several sizes, these mats are easily installed and offer spaced-out heating to cover the entire surface. They’re slightly more expensive than their counterparts.
  • Cables: Offered in the same voltages as mats and for a slightly lower price, snow melt cables may take a bit longer for installation due to their properties. However, their flexible nature makes them great for unusually-shaped driveways, lots or even outdoor staircases, and they can be placed in a variety of spacing needs.

Snow Melting Coverage Options Available

In addition, you’ll have the ability to choose between full coverage of your entire driveway or lot versus specific tire track coverage. For those looking to limit both installation and operational costs, the latter system involves two separate heating elements placed in the expected tire track areas, in charge of heating and melting enough of the driveway to make it passable.

For those looking for a more comprehensive solution, however, full coverage is always available as well. Those worried about operational costs or energy use here can speak to our pros about a zoned system that heats up various sections of the driveway at once, cutting down on energy use and costs significantly.

Affordable Heated Driveway Systems

Speaking of cost, you might be surprised how affordable a heated driveway system really is. When you consider money saved on local plowing services, ice-melting products and other areas as well, this is often a no-brainer for many home or business owners. Call our team today for a simple estimate on both up-front and operating costs associated with your desired snow melt heated driveway system, plus to learn about the control systems available to you and the sensors we’ll install to help your system automatically detect snowfall.

For more on any of our heated driveway snow melt systems, speak to the staff at Gordo Sales today.