Powerblanket Summerstep Snow Melting Stair Mat — 11″ x 36″, Model# SM11x30C- RES

Brand: Powerblanket


120V 47W 11″ x 36″ Stair Mat residential grade connected.. Usually ships in 1 to 3 DAYS 



120V 47W 11″ x 36″ Stair Mat Residential Grade Connected – can be connected to other mats, does NOT include power cord

Go ahead and give your snow shovel this winter season off. Ideal for residential applications, Summerstep heated snow melting mats will change the way you approach winter snow accumulation at your home. Built of tacky anti-slip, durable rubber, this heated doormat adds traction while simultaneously melting any frozen precipitation that builds upon it. It runs on a standard home power supply (110/120V). Snow and ice cause over 1 million slip, trip, and fall accidents every year in America. Prevent these types of slip and fall accidents this cold winter season and stay safe with Summerstep Residential Snow Melting Mats.
Designed to be left outside all winter season long, Summerstep Residential mats are convenient and environmentally friendly, eliminating the use of any harsh chemicals that could damage surrounding concrete areas. Summerstep outdoor heated snow melting mats keep stairs, doorways, ramps, walkways, and alleyways safe and secure. Customize your Summerstep system with connectable mats that will cover your desired distance.
Environmentally safe requires no chemicals
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Prevent slips and falls that could lead to costly lawsuits
  • Safer and more convenient than shoveling snow or using deicing salt
  • Affordable to operate; usually costs less than $2 per snow day
  • Can be custom made for any location
  • Each set of Summerstep Commercial / Industrial Snow-Melting Mats (up to 12 amps) requires one power unit to connect the system to an electrical outlet
  • Power units are sold separately and also available on select walkway mats
  • Will melt approximately 2 inches of snow per hour when operating
  • Reliable, even in the worst conditions, Summerstep keeps the path clear
  • The ONLY snow melting mat product made in the USA

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