NHL00104 – Band Heater

Brand: Tempco


120V 200W 1″ id x 1-1/2″ w mica nozzle band with 12″ fiberglass leads

Usually Ships in 1-2 Days

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120V 200W 1″ id x 1-/2″ w mica nozzle band with 12″ fiberglass leads

  • Watt Density: 62 watts per square inch
  • Supplied with low profile clamping strap
  • Availability: Usually ships in 1 to 2 days
  • Watt Density GuideTM(55 W/in2 is recommended maximum)
A mica core produces a thin, efficient heater. Heat from the precisely wound Nichrome element is quickly transferred to the working surface for fast heat-up and response. Mica provides excellent dielectric strength and heat transfer capability for long heater life. The mica core is encased in a continuous corrosion resistant sheath and formed. All full mica band heaters are designed with closed ends to protect against contamination. Maximum sheath temperature is 800F.

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