MPP00239 – Band Heater

Brand: Tempco


240/480V 1000W 5″ id x 1-1/2″ wide Mi-Plus band with post terminals

usually ships in 10-12 DAYS

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240/480V 1000W 5″ id x 1-1/2″ wide Mi-Plus band with post terminals

  • Watt Density: 52 watts per square inch
  • Post Terminals Opposite the Gap
  • Built in Clamping Brackets™
  • Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 DAYS
  • One Piece Expandable*
  • Watt Density Guide

*The expandable construction style allows the heater to be opened up and placed anywhere along the machine barrel as well as minimizing the unheated area as compared to a two-piece heater.With two heater circuits in a common case this heater naturally lends itself to a dual voltage system, a 240/480 volt package being the most common. When wired in parallel these heaters can run at 240 volts, and when wired in series, at 480 volts.

The Mi-Plus™ is the solution for applications that require high watt densities (W/in2) and/or high operating temperatures. Mi-Plus™ band heaters are capable of temperatures up to 1400™F (760™C) and watt densities up to 150W/in2 (23.25W/cm2) for Nozzle Band Heaters and 80W/in2 (12.4W/cm2) for Barrel Band Heaters.
Specially formulated mineral insulated tape providing excellent thermal conductivity and dielectric strength is used to insulate the nickel chrome resistance wire from the stainless steel sheath. The heater assembly is formed under pressure to a precise diameter with a thin low-mass cross section, assuring fast heat-up rates and reduced cycle times.™

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