FM Approved Limit Control FDC-L91


L91 FM Approved Temperature Limit Control

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L91 FM Approved Temperature Limit Control

  • Input Voltage: 90-264VAC
  • Input Sensor: Universal, T/C, RTD, mV
  • Output: Two outputs – you select
  • Panel Mount
  • On-Off Limit Control with Latching Relay
  • Manual or Remote Reset
  • FM Approved

Future Design Controls FM Approved L91 is a 1/16 DIN control designed to provide limit protection in process applications where FM approvals are required. With up to three discreet setpoints, two outputs, fast scan rates, 3-Year Warranty and user friendly prompts make the L91 the right choice for safety protection.

The L91 offers a full range of universal thermocouple & RTD inputs with latching output selections for mechanical Relay, SSR Drive or Triac.

Optional features such as a second relay output, DC Transmitter power supply, remote reset, linear mA/VDC retransmission or RS485 communications offer maximum flexibility for demanding applications. Click here for more information on retransmission & communication options.

Additional Limit Control Features include 2nd relay output configurable as latching or non-latching, alarm silence mode, configurable display decimal point, F/C, input filter factor and more. Click here to learn more about these Limit Control Features.

Agency Approvals include FM, UL Component Recognition, CSA (as a limit control), CE and RoHS compliant. (FM Approval applies to units with accepting thermocouple or RTD inputs, not linear mA or VDC.)

L91 Brochure

L91 Manual


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