IBC/TOTE Tank Cover by BriskHeat – TOTE-TOP

Brand: Briskheat


IBC/TOTE Tank Cover by BriskHeat – TOTE-TOP

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Insulated Cover for Wrap-Around Full-Coverage TOTE Tank / IBC Heaters

  • Insulated top cover minimizes heat loss.
  • Highly recommended for applications that involves faster heat-up and for melting materials.
  • Adjustable cover to fit many different sizes of IBC/TOTE tanks.
  • Cloth material: Silicone impregnated cloth
  • Insulation: 1/4″ Fiberglass
  • Size: 48”x 48”(1219mm x 1219mm); adjustable to 40”x 40”(1016mm x 1016mm)


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