Heavy Duty Infrared Construction Heater by SunStar – RCH100

Brand: SunStar


100,000 BTU Heavy Duty Infrared Construction Heater by SunStar – RCH100

Usually ships in 10-15 working days



100,000 BTU Heavy Duty Gas Infrared Construction Heater. SunStar’s infrared construction heaters provide exceptional on-the-job versatility. These tough, reliable and job proven heaters are packed with features for both economy and rugged endurance. Built with heavy gauge steel they are designed to withstand continuous seasonal use even in severe industrial and construction type environments.

  • No electrical required.
  • Lightweight for easy transportation.
  • Stainless steel emitter.
  • Compact 14″ diameter base.
  • No moving parts.
  • Cast iron burner head with all steel burner base.
  • Optional 10 ft. hose and LP tank regulator with POL fitting available for LP units.
  • Optional 15 ft. hose assembly available for natural gas units.
  • 100% gas shutoff safety control.
  • Heaters can be shipped by UPS.
  • CSA design certified.

SunStar Infrared Heaters direct radiant heat in a 360° pattern. The infrared emitter heats people directly like the sun, and warms the floor area first, saving fuel.


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