FM Approved Limit Control FDC-7L


FDC-7L FM Approved Limit Control,

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FDC-7L FM Approved Limit Control

  • Input Voltage: 120VAC
  • Input Sensor: Type J or K T/C (Specify)
  • Ranges: 0-1400F type J, 0-2300F type K (Specify)
  • Output: 5 amp SPDT Realy
  • Panel Mount or DIN Rail Mount
  • On-Off Limit Control with Latching Relay
  • Manual Reset
  • FM Approved
  • Touch-Safe Terminals
The FDC-7L is an FM approved safety limit control. Protection of expensive heaters and sensitive materials from damaging over temperature conditions is provided by the FDC-7L. The DIN Rail Mounting feature allows quick installation without drilling or extra hardware. Exceptional performance will be provided by the FDC-7L in the most demanding situations.


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