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220V/240V 400W 2.36″ x 9.65″ ceramic radiant heater white.

Usually ships in 2-5 days

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220V/240V 400W 2.36″ x 9.65″ ceramic radiant heater

  • Volts: 220V/240V
  • Watts: 400W
  • Size: 2.36″ x 9.65″ (60mm x 245mm)
  • Leads: 3-1/2″ ceramic bead insulated
  • Color: White
  • Watt Density: 17.27 watts per square inch
  • Typical Heater Body Temperature: 942F (in 72F ambient)
  • Availability: Usually ships in 8-10 days
  • Option: Built-in Thermocouple (type K standard)
Design Features:
  • 96% radiant efficiency
  • Heat up cool down time 1.5 to 5.5 minutes
  • Infrared wavelength range from 2.0 to 10 µm
  • Reflectors and housings are also available
  • Universal mount, designed to be dropped into existing systems regardless of manufacture
  • Long operating life- over 10,000 plus hours of continuous operation
  • Performance is unaffected by vibration or adverse atmospheric conditions

Ceramic radiant heaters fall into the medium range of electromagnetic infrared radiation. Infrared energy is commonly used to heat plastics, remove moisture, cure painted finishes or heat food products, This is because plastics, organic substances and water absorb infrared energy more efficiently than other materials in industrial applications


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