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Weight 272 oz
Dimensions 44 × 24 × 8 in
Drum Size

Heater Type

High-Performance 240V 4000W T321SS 55 Gal OTS Drum Heater- Tempco

240V 4000W T321SS 55 gal OTS drum heater with 60-250F stat with over temperature cut out

Elevate your industrial heating needs with our exceptional 240V 4000W T321SS 55-gallon drum heater. Crafted for reliability and efficiency, this drum heater is a powerhouse designed to meet your demanding requirements.

Key Specifications:

  • Voltage: 240V 1PH
  • Wattage: 4KW
  • Dimensions: A=36", B=19"
  • Elements: T321 Stainless Steel
  • Watt Density: 32 watts per square inch
  • Application: Ideal for Water and Mildly Corrosive Solutions
  • Housing: NEMA 1
  • Availability: Usually ships the same day

Designed for Performance:

  • Engineered to fit through the standard 2" bung opening in 55-gallon drums.
  • Perfect for enhancing the flow of high-viscosity solutions like lard, tar, and oils.
  • Equipped with a reliable Double Pole 60-250F thermostat featuring an over-temperature cutout and a pilot lamp to indicate the heater's status.
  • Only 8" of the vertical riser is heated, allowing for liquid level fluctuations without damaging the heater.
  • Features an adjustable stainless steel mounting bracket for easy installation.

Optional Upgrades:

  • Customize with optional surface treatments such as passivation, electropolishing, or bright annealing for Stainless Steel or Incoloy sheath designs.
  • Choose NEMA 4 (moisture-resistant) and/or NEMA 7 (explosion-resistant) terminal enclosures for added safety.
  • Explore external power wiring options, including flexible cord/plug, armored cable, wire-braided, or plain lead wire.
  • Opt for a Process or Hi-Limit thermocouple in a thermowell to replace the thermostat.

Installation Guidelines:

  • Ensure the vertical heated portion, extending 8" up the riser from the bottom of the element, is always fully immersed.
  • Use exclusively in metal drums, containers, or heat-resistant tanks.
  • Adhere to wiring standards outlined in NEC/NFPA and local codes for safety.
  • Implement secure mounting brackets to position the heater away from tank walls and above sludge buildup.
  • Regularly remove the heater to clean residues and inspect for damage.
  • Safety first: Proper grounding is essential during installation.
  • Caution: Always disconnect the heater from the power input before servicing or removal.

Experience superior industrial heating with our 240V 4000W T321SS 55-gallon drum heater. Whether you're working with water or mildly corrosive solutions, this heater is your dependable solution. Order now and elevate your industrial heating process to new heights of efficiency and performance.


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