300F high temperature 55 gallon metal drum heater by Powerblanket – PB400-55-150C


120V 850W 300F high temperature 55 gallon drum heater.

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120V 850W 300F high temperature 55 gallon drum heater NEW DESIGN

  • Watts: 850 Watts
  • Amps: 7.08
  • Volts: 120V
  • Vinyl Type: Durable silicone-coated fiberglass shell
  •  Plug Type: 15 Amp Plug
  • Cord Length: 6ft
  • Diameter (in): 22.5″
  • Aluminum Length: 68.5″
  • Heated Area: 2.9 sq/ft
  • Approximate Blanket Temperature: Maintains a temperature as high as 300F / 150C

Benefits of the Powerblanket 400 Insulated Band Heater:


SAFETY  Traditional band heaters are dangerous to work with. Some band heaters have a surface temperature over 400F. This is a serious safety risk. The new Powerblanket 400 Band Heater isolates the heat from the user and surroundings with an insulated side that is safe to touch.
EFFICIENCY  Traditional band heaters need between 600-1200 Watts to heat up products and materials. This is a waste of electricity because a large percentage of that heat is transferred directly into the air rather than the product you are trying to heat.. The all-new Powerblanket 400 Band Heater is an insulated heater so it doesn’t need as many watts to heat up products and materials and to maintain heat.
FLEXIBILITY  The new Powerblanket 400 Band Heater is available in 300F and 400F versions, giving you the flexibility to choose approximate maximum temperature of the band heater. The Powerblanket 400 Insulated Band Heater can be used to protect your product from freezing, warm and thaw, heat up your products or maintain optimal viscosity.
Traditional band heaters can heat your product to 400F and beyond. But the “beyond” part is the big problem. Band heaters often cause inconsistent heating of products and even burning and scorching effects. In addition to this, they’re also potentially dangerous.
None of this is the case with the Powerblanket 400 band heater though. The 400 series band heater offers consistent, regulated, safe, and evenly distributed heat to your container. The Powerblanket 400 band heaters are able to reach a temperature of either 300F or 400F and remain at that temperature without any significant fluctuation. Such features are imperative in order to protect your product from being compromised, and Powerblanket patented technologies deliver as much or as little heat as needed. Oh, and did we mention our heaters are insulated, significantly reducing heat loss and the risk of burns to human flesh?
Powerblanket 400 Insulated Band Heaters
  • Increase heating capability, up to 300F
  • Durable silicone-coated, fiberglass shell
  • Insulating shell reduces heat loss and makes the product safe to handle
  • High efficiency aluminum heat-spreading technology
  • Comes standard in 120V
  • 850 Watts
  • 7.08 Amps
  • Uses a 150C internal fixed thermostat
  • 240V option available upon request. Call for ordering details.
  • Available for buckets and drums and for custom applications, such as epoxy curing, welding prep, manufacturing processes, and much more
  • Add a digital thermostatic controller for precise temperature control or our new advanced programmable logic control (PLC) systems for advanced thermostatic control.


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