Flanged Immersion

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Application Fl

 Clean Water

 Process Water

 Mildly Corrosive


 Light Weight Oil

 Medium Weight Oil

 Heavy Weight Oil

Sheath Material Fl



 Stainless Steel


Flange Size

 3 150lb"

 4 150lb"

Watts Fl










Watt Density Fl

 0-19.9 WPSI

 20-29.9 WPSI

 30WPSI and up

Volts Fl

 240V 1PH

 240V 3PH

 480V 1PH

 480V 3PH

Flanged immersion heaters are used for heating liquids or gases in pressure vessels and tanks, flanged immersion heaters are hairpin-bent tubular elements welded or brazed into a flange and provided with electrical enclosures. Flanged immersion heaters are available in a wide selection of flange sizes and with a variety of electrical enclosures. Most flanged immersion heaters are UL-listed and CSA-certified or can have ATEX certification. ASME or PED code construction is also available for high-pressure flanged immersion heater applications. There are many things to consider when picking the right flanged immersion heater for your application such as wattage, watts per square inch, sheath material, flange size and much more. We have been designing flanged immersion heaters for over 30 years, give us a call and let us help you pick the right flanged immersion heater.

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Typical application include;

  • Tank Heating
  • Circulation Heaters
  • Air or Gas Heating