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industrial heating systems

Gordo Sales, Inc., offers a wide selection of industrial heating systems, from simple, direct heating to plant-wide, multi-zone heat distribution systems. Whether you’re looking for specialized heaters or auxiliary components, we have what you need and ship to your facility as quickly as possible.

Our goal is to help improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and eliminate waste in industrial and commercial facilities that depend on process heating.

Take a look at some of the products we carry:

Container Heaters & Insulators

Stored materials, especially those that are fragile (food) or toxic (chemicals, epoxies, resins, etc.) have specific temperature requirements. We offer specialized heaters that evenly heat and protect materials stored in drums, tanks, barrels and cylinders from fluctuating ambient temperatures.

Process Heating Blankets

We carry industrial heating blankets that let you heat and insulate critical materials and equipment in your facility in a safe and controlled manner. We supply Powerblankets and custom blankets that protect your most valuable equipment from freezing or overheating.

Immersion Heaters

Immersion heaters allow for safe and energy-efficient direct heating of liquids, molten materials, air and gases. These heaters are also flexible and easy to install. You can form and shape them for contact surface or radiant heating. They are also useful in various applications, including baptismal pool heating and chemical storage.

Process Air Heaters

Gordo Sales provides a range of process air heating systems. Whether you need a single-user/workstation heater or a system for distributing air at individually controlled temperatures to your entire plant’s process streams, we’ll help you meet your heating requirements.

Comfort Air Heaters

Electric comfort heaters, whether the heat is forced air, convection, radiant or a combination of the three, provide safe, clean and efficient heat for commercial and industrial applications. Maintain safety and productivity in your facility with our specialized comfort heaters.

Consult with our process heating experts to know which thermal solutions fit your needs.