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Environmental and Other Benefits of Low NOx Industrial Heaters

If you’re looking for a wide variety of industrial heating systems, you’ve come to the right place at Gordo Sales. We’re proud to offer a huge variety of heaters, from broad component heater options to our explosion-proof drum heaters and many other specific types.

One of the broad heater categories that some of our clients are looking for in greater numbers over recent years: A type called “low NOx” heaters. These are increasingly popular products due to tightening EPA regulations, allowing you to receive high-quality heating benefits while making a limited environmental footprint. Let’s look at how low NOx heaters work and their benefits for many business types – and the environment itself.
environmental benefits low NOx heaters

Low NOx Heater Basics

The term “NOx” is an abbreviation, one that stands for nitrogen oxides. As many are aware, nitrogen oxides are a greenhouse gas format that is known to be harmful to the atmosphere and environment as a whole.

In certain industrial heating circumstances, NOx gasses are emitted when burning fuel at high heat. The most common and dangerous of these is nitrogen dioxide, which is harmful not only to the environment, but to basic human health as well. This is why low NOx heaters are becoming more popular: As a way to limit or even eliminate these harmful gasses during heating processes.

How They Work

There are a few methods for low NOx heaters, but perhaps the most common is one called flue gas recirculation. This process involves installing a recirculation duct at the far end of the burner, a duct that will allow the glue gas to give up heat, creating less NOx output. There are also models that require no flue gas duct to achieve NOx levels that are low enough to pass standards and be safe.

Low NOx Benefits

There are several reasons why you might consider investing in low NOx heaters for your industrial facility:

  • Environmental benefits: When NOx gasses are released, they interact with the atmosphere in several negative ways. They’ve been directly linked by the EPA to events like acid rain, massive smog buildup and overall global warming increases. Using a low NOx heater significantly reduces, or even potentially eliminates, NOx pollution from your heater.
  • Efficiency: Not only are low NOx heaters better for the planet, they’re also generally an upgrade in efficiency over similar models. They’re often made using serpentine coil technology, with space between coil tubes that makes them more efficient than hot oil heaters with helical coils.
  • Employee safety: And finally, low NOx heaters are also safer for you and your employees. They limit exposure to nitrogen oxides, which can play a role in respiratory problems and related diseases.

For more on the potential benefits of low NOx heaters for your industrial heating needs, or to learn about any of our temperature controls or other basics, speak to the staff at Gordo Sales today.